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Honoring US Army SFC Michael McCave

The Brother of Mine Foundation will be holding its second annual golf classic on September 19, 2016 at Hudson National Golf course, honoring US Army SFC Michael McCave.

Major Michael McCave was born in Alabama and lived in Colorado during his early years of age. At around kindergarten age, his family moved to Levittown, NY, as his father is a Reverend and he needed to move to take care of the church located on Long Island. Michael spent the rest of his childhood, teenage and young adult years living in Levittown and attended school in the Island Trees school district. Michael was always very active and was drawn to play sports and spend time outside. He played and thrived at football and baseball during his childhood and teenage years and he went onto attending Farmingdale College and playing baseball for their team. Although playing sports and spending time in the outdoors was important to him, he always had a desire to be a soldier. As early as three years old, God had put on his hear t to be a soldier and warrior. This dream and desire became realized, as Michael decided to enlist in the US Army National Guard right after high school, before he attended Farmingdale College. After Michael completed a year of school at Farmingdale College, he was presented with the opportunity to attend Hofstra University on a full scholarship, with the promise of graduating as a First Lieutenant Officer. In the fall of 2001, Michael transferred to Hofstra University and moved onto campus. He was assigned to the 6th floor of Nassau Hall, where he was introduced with his future college sweetheart and wife, Sarah.

Shor tly after the semester began, a tragedy hit the countr y and on September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers were hit. Michael was called by the National Guard to go to NYC to aide in the relief and cleanup of the wreckage that was left by the terrorist attack. Michael moved out of the dorms and out of Nassau Hall and there was no expectation that he would return to that building, if and when he returned to Hofstra University. Michael and Sarah did not speak for about a month and Sarah had no idea what happened to him or where he would end up once he returned from NYC. Around the third week of October, Michael ended up coming back to Hofstra and he was able to obtain his previous dorm room. This was a huge surprise to Sarah, as she didn’t expect to see him again. From that point on, Mike and Sarah began dating and went onto getting engaged in December 2004. In 2006, Michael deployed on his first of four combat tours to Iraq for 15 months.

In 2006, Michael deployed on his first of four combat tours to Iraq for 15 months. In April 2008, Michael and Sarah were married. Michael decided to tr y out for special forces selection and was selected in 2008. After the Special Forces Qualification Course Michael was sent to 10th SFG out of Ft. Carson to serve as a Special Forces Detachment Commander. He was deployed to the Middle east, Africa and eastern Europe. On a com- bat deployment in Iraq, two weeks before our daughter Brielle was born, Michael was injured while on an Advanced Special Operation, where he suffered an injury in an unexpected small arms engagement. Michael was very fortunate to be wearing his chest plate which took two rounds to the chest. Thankfully, he only suffered broken ribs, a torn shoulder and a mild TBI and was able to get home, just in time to see the birth of his daughter.

In later par t of the 2013 Sarah had health issues which required Michael to be home for a period of time, so Michael took a training assignment teaching Special Operators HALO operations. Major Michael McCave sustained a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) parachuting accident on October 8, 2014 during a HALO opera-tion at Yuma Proving Grounds. Major McCave was in the midst of a HALO jump when a student began having difficulty and required Major McCave to close in during free fall to provide assistance before the necessary window of time to pull his shoot ran out. Major McCave assisted him successfully, however after helping the student, his threshold of time to pull his shoot began to run out. Major McCave quickly deployed his main parachute, however, there was a defect and his reserve shoot quickly came out due to a safety mechanism built into the parachutes, which will automatically deploy the reserve chute if you are still traveling at terminal velocity through 1500 FT AGL. As a result, both chutes were deployed in the air and became entwined and went above, then below his body and stayed tangled like that for the rest of his jump. Major McCave free-fell to the ground at 119 mph with no protection other than his faith and trust in God that he would be saved. Miraculously, Major McCave’s life was spared by the grace of God, however he sustained two broken ankles, one with a compound fracture, an open book pelvic break, a broken sacrum, broken L3-L5 vertebrae processes, cervical spine damage and a Traumatic Brain Injury that affected his vision, memory, language processing and emotional well-being. Major McCave has been in several hospitals over the last two years and has relearned how to do so many everyday living activities including walking and reading.

Now, that Michael is in the process of medically retiring from the military, they have a dream of opening up a therapeutic horse ranch, in order to pay it for ward and help others. Michael would like to cater to military veterans and Sarah would like to do utilize horses and Hippotherapy, within her profession of Speech-Language Pathology, to help children with disabilities. Currently, they are searching for a home with the right amount of land and location, to be able to build this dream and realize it.




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